Ash Wednesday – My 2019 Lenten Journey

This is my “Holy” face.

Day 1 of Lent 2019 is in the books. I actually got up and out of bed at 5 AM this morning and went for a brisk (and when I say “brisk,” I mean 19 frigging degrees) run. I felt good. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t start my morning at a deficit.

I used to be faithful to the 5 AM wake up/workout. Used to be. Then, life happened and I started going to bed later, then waking up later, then pushing everything else in my day behind. It really bothered me and I started to notice how I was showing up to work late everyday stressed out with high anxiety. It is a horrible way to start a day. Consequently, I was pushing all my work back often times scrambling to find times on future dates to get things done. Plus, I was missing workouts, which fuels my engine. Sure, I would sometimes workout at lunch or after work, but, it wasn’t the same.

The most impactful thing I was skipping was my prayer time. I realized that on the days I was finding time to pray in the morning, it pointed my inner compass in the right direction for the day. I was also extra emotional when I had that time with God. I would sit down with some green tea before I would start to get ready for the day, read the daily readings for the day, and cry throughout my prayer to God. I would cry because I realized how much I missed Him, how much I needed Him, and how much He needed to hear from me. This alone was enough for me to make the 5 AM commitment for Lent this year. Out of everything I mentioned above, this one is the most important and most fulfilling.

So, the results of Day 1 are good. I woke up, went for a run (in the Tundra), prayed, and started my day. I fasted the traditional Ash Wednesday fast with a couple of small meals and didn’t get too cranky. And I wrapped up a busy day with an evening Mass with ashes and the Sacrament. Any day is a good day with the Sacrament. (For all the non-Catholics, the Sacrament is the Eucharist, a.k.a. Holy Communion, a.k.a. The Body of Christ, a.k.a. awesomeness.)

Now, on to turning in to make Day 2 another good day. Say a prayer, right now, for all those in need. Good night and may God bless you all!

One thought on “Ash Wednesday – My 2019 Lenten Journey

  1. Amen Chelsea! I see lent is your spiritual reboot. Life has a way of getting out of control with all its distractions. You’ve inspired me to reboot spiritually. Praise God in all things!

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